Red sv. Jurija - Evropski red habsburško-lotarinške dinastije - St. Georgs‒Orden

Culture of the Order



VIRIBUS UNITIS: Standing shoulder to shoulder we nobly support initiatives enabling socially sustainable, ethical and innovative European economic and cultural developments of societies, worthy of their children.


We, the Slovenian knights, are devoted to our nation and its progress in a noble, voluntary, honorary, non-profit, and proactive manner. Our activities aim towards establishing relations with other nations self-confidently on terms of equality, thereby incorporating ourselves within the international community as an independent entity. Herewith we contribute to ‘doing good’ (and are) determined to fulfill our vision.


Strategic Guidelines

Striving for excellence when stimulating and promoting the Pan-European idea, connecting the people and ideas of mankind, touching all spheres of modern society in accordance with the Order’s principle: VIRIBUS UNITIS.

Emphasizing those special areas that are essential for a society and where the Order is a companion and a constructive partner (society, culture, economy, health, politics).

Exploring, recording and contemporarily promoting the historical ideal of the Order.

Identifying works of art along with items and objects of historical significance for the Order.

Designing and zealously maintaining the excellence of exchanging viewpoints through dialogue on the deepest felt themes of the Order and society with the aim of reaching better understanding and tolerance within diversity. For this purpose it is necessary to emphasis, intervene and strive for networking with professionals, socially responsible organisations and international diplomacy in Slovenia and abroad.

Actively exchanging good practices based on the Order’s values, thus helping people within Slovenia and the Republic of Slovenia itself.

Encouraging and supporting humanitarian and charitable work, especially in support of the Pan-European people.

Actively cooperating with the management of the Order regarding initiatives.